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Hong Kong

Schmidt Marketing (Consumer Products) Ltd. is the Hong Kong branch of Schmidt Marketing Asia Ltd, as well as the headquarters of The Schmidt Group. This region focuses on the F&B Industry.

Wine & Liquors HK

Schmidt Marketing is a distributor of fine, organic and biodynamic wines. The company's wine division was first established in Hong Kong in 2012 with the opening of our first shop, Schmidt Vinothek, and our on-trade business.


The division initially focused on Germanic Old World wine regions, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to carve out a niche in the market and introduce new wine regions to customers in Hong Kong. Since then we have expanded our portfolio to include excellent fines from Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as wines from the New World, such as South Africa. In addition to wines, we offer a selection of high end spirits and liqueurs to our trade and retail customers.

Our wine business is split into two main divisions: Trade Business and Retail Business

Trade Business

Retail Business

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