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Double Quotation

Our Five Core Values are inherent to our daily operations, interactions and long-term strategic planning. We firmly believe that living and working by these values allows us to stand out within this competitive landscape.

Double Quotation
Core Values - Schmidt Marketing

Core Values

Respect For Individuals

Sense Of Urgency

Customer Intimacy



Collaborative work environment

Celebrate victories

Combining knowledge, skills and abilities

Shared responsibility

Work towards common and individual goals

Respect every individual, internal and external

Fair treatment of all

Behave ethically and honestly

Provide safe environment

Encourage and support progress and excellence

Quality customer service

Quality People

Quality products

Quality client relationships

Quality operation and workflow

Anticipate needs of clients, customers and colleagues

Quick action & fast delivery

Adapt to rapidly developing environments

Contingency planning

Be at the forefront of competitive landscape

Exceed customer expectations

Deliver on promises

Continuous customer relationship building

Honesty and transparency

Always be friendly, polite and helpful

Respect For Individuals
Sense of Urgency
Customer Intimacy
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