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Artisan & Artist is a Japanese brand that was established in 1991 in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded by an avid photographer, who saw a gap in the market for high quality camera bags and accessories. The initial focus of the brand was in producing camera bags, straps and cases for the photography industry. All products are exceptionally handcrafted by Japanese artisans who spend generations honing their crafts.

The brand soon after expanded its business into the cosmetics and casual bags industries, with a range of makeup brushes, professional makeup boxes, cosmetics pouches and casual handbags and backpacks. The professional ranges are widely popular amongst makeup artists and the unique design and functionality of the pouches and bags has appealed to the masses.

Each product is designed with exceptional attention to detail, design and functionality, combined with traditional artisanal methods and craftsmanship. While paying homage to its roots, Artisan & Artist is ever-adapting to the needs of consumers, having most recently launched a series of facial mask pouches. 

After its success in Japan, the brand expanded its presence to the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

A&A Classic Line
A&A Logo Red, Black.png
A&A Leather Camera Strap
A&A Basalt Series Bags
A&A Silk Cord Camera Strap

Camera Products

High quality and functional camera bags in various sizes and shapes.

Wide range of functional camera straps in different materials.

Leather camera cases for Leica and Fujifilm models.

Suitable for professional photographers and hobby photographers.

Cosmetics Pouches

Elegant, fun and quirky pouch designs for all style preferences.

High degree of functionality both internally and externally.

Pockets and features designed to securely hold makeup and brushes.

Wide range of shapes and sizes per collection to suit customers’ needs.

A&A Cosmetic Pouch Pink
A&A Cosmetic Pouch Navy & Gold
A&A Cosmetic Pouches Pink
A&A Cosmetic Pouch Lace
A&A Mask Pouch
A&A Professional Make-Up Line
A&A Professional Make-Up Brushes
A&A Professional Make-Up Pouches

Professional Line

High end makeup brushes with long and short handle ranges.

Designed for both professional makeup artists and makeup lovers.

Series of makeup bags and pouches for professionals.

Functional design ensures efficiency on the job using these products.

Casual Bags

Causal and functional backpacks and handbags for women and men.

In line with the brand’s values, each product is highly functional.

Multiple compartments and pockets in interior and exterior.

Wide variety to meet consumer needs from fun and quirky to sophisticated and elegant.

A&A Casual Bags
A&A Casual Backpack
A&A Casual Cross-Body Bag Zebra
A&A Casual Purse
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