Schmidt Vinothek

Featuring an exquisite collection of fine wines from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Schmidt Vinothek was established in 2012 to meet the diverse tastes of Hong Kong wine connoisseurs.

Two well-stocked wine shops in the upscale districts of Happy Valley and Quarry Bay offer wines from the best vineyards in German-speaking regions including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, alongside first-rate Italian and Spanish wines amongst others.

Following the success of two well-stocked shops in Hong Kong, Schmidt Vinothek arrived at Hanoi, Vietnam in 2014. Our sommeliers are available to provide customers with professional guidance and suggestions when choosing wines. Wineries include:

Germany: Dr. Heger, Reinhold Haart, Domdechant Werner, Meyer-Näkel, Juliusspital, Künstler
Austria: Huber, Topf, Hirsch, IBY, J. Heinrich, Artner
Switzerland: Volg Weinkellereien
Italy: Usiglian del Vescovo, La Collina Del Ciliegi
Spain: Ramon Bilbao

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