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Photokina 2008 Live Update from Cologne Germany – Last Page:  <The Heart of LEICA’s Manufacturing>
Schmidt Marketing was arranged by LEICA Camera for a tour to their factory in Solms. It took a 2-hour ride from Cologne to the factory in Solms, which is a small town. The factory of LEICA has been located in Solms for more than 20 years.
The lobby of LEICA’s factory exhibits classic cameras from different periods. On the other side, a LEICA SHOP is opened showcasing the latest products.
Lens manufacturing area in LEICA’s factory
I believe no other companies will allow visitors to freely test and try in their showroom such an expensive product. This LEICA APO-TELYT-R 1:5.6/1600mm is worth 16 million HKD.
This was what the lens looked like when it was attached to LEICA R9. You can see how huge it is.
What is the diameter of the lens? Check this out!
A testing picture took by OSKAR BARNACK, the inventor of the earliest LEICA 35mm camera, at WETZLAR more than a century ago. This picture is still well known all over the world. And this building still exists today.
LEICA will move its factory back to WETZLAR in 2010. The above shows the factory and office building under construction. LEICA WORLD, in which there will be a museum, a showroom and a service center, will also be located inside.
This closes the online report of PHOTOKINA 2008 by Schmidt Marketing. We will, on 11 Oct 2008, organize a Product Experience Day, which provides members the opportunity to test and try on LEICA’s latest products. Details will be announced later. Please come back soon for our news.