Key Member of Schmidt Group

Schmidt Marketing's history stretches back through decades. As a key member of the Schmidt Group of Companies, our reputation in the photographic, audio-visual, beverage and jewellery sectors in the Asia Pacific region is well established.

Over 115 years' experience

The Schmidt Group of Companies was founded in 1896. The combination of almost 120 years' experience in the distribution industry and a strong historical background strengthens the 3 main businesses (Electronic, Biomedical and Marketing).

Independent Business Enterprises

In 2001, the Schmidt Group streamlined into 3 independent business enterprises:
- Schmidt Electronics Group Asia Ltd
- Schmidt BioMedTech Asia Ltd
- Schmidt Marketing Asia Ltd

Maximizing the potentials and opportunities

With independent management and decision making, each enterprise is able to focus on maximizing the potentials and opportunities in its particular area of specialty, with an emphasis on understanding and meeting customer needs.

Network of companies

As an independent enterprise of the Schmidt Group, Schmidt Marketing has established a network of companies across the Asian region. Today, Schmidt Marketing has a total of over 200 employees servicing a distribution network which covers China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.