Chairman's Message
Mr.Ulrich Buchholtz
Group Chairman
From its beginnings in 1896, the Schmidt Group has come a long way expanding and streamlining its operations within Asia. In 2001, Schmidt Marketing Asia Limited was formed as a fully independent enterprise to focus on and cater for the photographic, consumer electronic and lifestyle products industries. Today, the Schmidt Marketing group has established itself as a leading market force and value added distributor within its defined fields.

Adjusting to the ever changing market demands, we have at the same time fostered a Schmidt culture which is unique to our Group of Companies; it’s a spirit our staff identifies with, shared values to motivate staff, the driving force behind our success. We know, a company is only as good as the quality and dedication of its staff, thus we not only require a customer orientated but also a staff oriented organisation to succeed.

We look forward to further exciting developments in the photographic, consumer electronic, beverage, jewellery and lifestyle product fields as well as continuing to serve our valued customers.