POET Audio

The development in entertainment electronics was rapid in the past years. A lot of new technologies were invented. However they didn't bring relief to the user. Pandoretta° stands for: Maximal compatibility. No user manuals. No additional remote control. If you like music in high-end quality with crystal clear highs, precise mid-range and strong bass you needed huge speakers. Some manufacturers solved the problem with separating three-way speaker systems (tweeter, mid-range, woofer) into small satellite speakers for highs and subwoofers for the bass. Satellites were often installed on the ceiling and the subwoofer was stored behind the couch. The consequence: tangled cables and loss of sound quality, especially in voice- and mid-range.

Pandoretta° stands for perfect sound characteristics, vastly independent from the positioning of the sound sources. The audio engineering bears the hallmarks of Thomas Pfob, musician, mathematician and sound scientist for more than 30 years.

Pandoretta° stands for best material usage. 100% production in Austria. No compromises. More and more manufacturers decide to outsource production to low-wage countries on grounds of costs. The target price defines the material usage.

Hi-Fi equipment rarely features smart design. Pandoretta° stands for highest demand to aesthetics. The unique look originates from Thomas Feichtner, Austrian Award Winner for design.