In the early 80s, Seiichiro Hangui, the founder, CEO and Chief designer of ARTISAN&ARTIST*, worked as industrial designer for the automotive industry but after several years his interest moved towards a more refined design using more sophisticated and appealing materials. These factors brought Seiichiro Hangui to consider the bags and pouches market and, after an accurate research, he realized that, at that time, designs of pouches in Japan were way too simple and not very easy to use. Therefore, he decided to improve the overall design and functionality of this product category. Seichiro Hangui, as a photographer himself, showing a passionate interest for the artist’s environment (Makeup artists, Stylists and Photographers), directly liaising with numerous famous representatives of the sectors, has called on their expertise to create the tools these artists need. Out of these collaborations, between two groups of professionals, has emerged a world of sophisticated beauty which took the name of ARTISAN&ARTIST*. ARTISAN&ARTIST*, without altering its concept design and with an accurate choice of materials, is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to satisfy the always increasing demands and needs of professionals and people who require highly functional products.