Berlebach Wood Tripod

Berlebach is the oldest tripod factory in Germany and has been manufacturing beautifully finished pieces of German craftsmanship since 1898 when it was founded by Peter Otto Berlebach. Almost from the beginning, Berlebach delivered its wooden tripods and other photo accessories abroad. A fact which is verified in the "Hamburg Export-Handbuch" from 1906.

The natural advantages of wood continually appeal to discriminating shooters, handling a wood tripod in extremes of heat or cold is quite a different experience than that of a metal or even carbon fiber tripod. Wood just seems not to care. Despite wood's impervious nature to temperature and its general aesthetic appeal, the best reason to choose wood over any other material for a tripod is its incredible ability to absorb vibrations. A wooden tripod placed in a shallow stream may be vibrating quite a bit where the legs meet the water, but up at the column it is dead as a doornail. Putting a laser pointer on top of a metal, carbon fiber and wood tripod and shaking the legs of each clearly displays the advantage. The laser pointer's beam upon the wood tripod will have come to a rest much quicker than the others, and additionally its resonating disturbances will be smaller as well. This will assuredly show up in your pictures!